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The Tesla Memorial Society
Tesla Memorial Society
21 Maddaket, Southwyck Village
Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076
William H. Terbo
Executive Secretary
  Maria Godfors
Nikola Tesla: 1856 - 1943

The Official Nikola Tesla Web Site

Welcome to the official Tesla Memorial Society, Inc. website This website is operated by the oldest and most respected Tesla organization in North America. The Society has been in continuous operation since 1979 and maintains working relationships with many other Tesla oriented organizations throughout the world.

The Society is a tax exempt, all volunteer corporation.

The Tesla Memorial Society Charter: "The purpose of this Society is to honor and perpetuate the memory and ideals of the great scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla, through appropriate academic conferences, scholarship awards, and various cultural activities. It is a nonpolitical and nonprofit organization."

Before you browse the site, please take a moment to read two brief but important introductory documents:

1. An open letter to all correspondents of the Society

2. An open letter regarding the disposition of the funary ashes of Nikola Tesla

3. Principles of the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc. regarding cooperation, sponsorship and endorsement

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This website last updated November 2, 2011.

He was more than a genius... He gave us today...
"Nikola Tesla, You're a Man Out of Time"
by Paul & Steven Hone

You can read about the video here.

The editor and principal contributor for the intellectual material on this website is William H. Terbo, Executive Secretary and Chairman of the Executive Board of the Society. Mr. Terbo is the grandnephew and closest living relative of Nikola Tesla and is a founding Director of the Society. The site Webmaster is David Sica.

The official address is: Tesla Memorial Society, Inc. 21 Maddaket, Southwyck Village Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076

The Web Tesla Memorial Society website

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