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The Tesla Memorial Society
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William H. Terbo
Executive Secretary
  Maria Godfors
Nikola Tesla: 1856 - 1943



This high-energy DVD presents Nikola Tesla in a new and effective way. Crafted by brothers Paul and Stephen Kingsley Hone, media professionals in Los Angeles, it addresses an audience often overlooked by admirers of Nikola Tesla. The Hone brothers have been fascinated by the work and personality of Tesla for more than 15 years. They recognized that many or most of their friends and colleagues were aware of Tesla to varying degrees. What was troubling was the almost universal lack of knowledge by teenagers as to the specific connection between Tesla and those aspects of their lives they use every day. They didn’t see the hand of Nikola Tesla in everyday items such as TV and MTV, their computers and the internet, radio and their tape decks, and more.

The result is a 6-minute DVD Nikola Tesla, You’re A Man Out Of Time presented in the manner most familiar to and receptive by this particular audience without patronizing the more adult audience. The DVD simply tries to make the Tesla connection in the most entertaining way. Naturally, Tesla’s fundamental contributions to the worldwide systems of alternating current electricity and radio are prominently identified. But the DVD also tells a bit of his personality: his wish to share his inventions and the obstacles he faced. It concludes with “you gave us today!” The effect on the viewer is interest, energy and, perhaps, the motivation to discover more about Tesla, his life and his work.

Paul and Stephen Hone have graciously given the copyright ownership of this work to the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc. It is the objective of the Society to make the DVD available to the public in the widest way possible. Of course, the copyright details (which are mentioned in the opening and end credits of the DVD) must be retained whenever the DVD is played or retransmitted on any broadcast medium whether over the internet, TV or radio.

The composition of the DVD is a quickly shifting series of images with the high-energy song carrying the theme. The lyrics of the song are in relatively simple English. All of the lyrics are shown either as subtitles or in images on the screen. The universality of English should not make it necessary to add subtitles in a foreign language. However, it is permissible to add subtitles in a foreign language for use in other countries where it is determined that English would not convey the full intended impact of the song.

William H. Terbo, Executive Secretary, September 2005 TMSaw 070226

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