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The Tesla Memorial Society
21 Maddekat, Southwyck Village
Scotch Plains, New Jersey 07076
William H. Terbo
Executive Secretary
  Maria Godfors
Nikola Tesla: 1856 - 1943

Principles of the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc. Regarding Cooperation, Sponsorship and Endorsement


First, it is important to emphasize the serious nature of the Society's mission as stated in our 1979 organizational document, repeated in our papers of incorporation in 1980 and summarized in the footer attached to much of our correspondence. The Society operates through voluntary contributions and donations and on honoraria given for appearances, interviews and technical support to various domestic and international media.

The Society cooperates with a very limited number of other organizations that promote a similar respectful appreciation of the man, Nikola Tesla, and his accomplishments. The Society has sponsored a limited number or projects that support important elements of our mission and that do not compromise our ethical standards. We have not "endorsed" any person or group promoting any product or theory, regardless of how meritorious they may seem. This saves us the difficulty of sorting or categorizing products and ideas as serious science, parascience or psuedoscience.

The Tesla Memorial Society, Inc., my position in the Society and quite often my direct relationship to Nikola Tesla appear on at least 50 websites. This generates a great number of letters and phone calls. Almost without exception they are a pleasure to receive and are an indication of the progress we've made in restoring Tesla's name to the prominence deserved. (I am often humbled by the degree of respect accorded to me through the accident of my closest blood relationship, grandnephew, to Nikola Tesla.)

The Society is usually unable to prevent any person or group from linking Tesla's name to whatever they are promoting. His name is an important part of history. We can only try to prevent the improper use of the Society's registered corporate name or my own personal name without authorization whenever we or I become aware of such use. (An example concerns the unauthorized use of a form of the Society's name: "Tesla Memorial Society of New York." This user is in no way connected with the Society and the Society is not responsible for any claim, promise or representation made by that entity.)

The Society always appreciates being made aware of any instances of the misuse of the Society's name or representations made in the Society's name.

William H. Terbo
Executive Secretary


TMSty 2005

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