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The Tesla Memorial Society
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William H. Terbo
Executive Secretary
  Maria Godfors
Nikola Tesla: 1856 - 1943

The Turn of the Century Electrotherapy Museum

Founder: Jeff Behary


The Society has an extraordinary and beneficial relationship with The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum and its founder, Mr. Jeff Behary. The fruits of this relationship are the exchange of archival material from each organization as well as the sharing of new research and the publicizing of new work.

Mr. Behary (Jeff) speaks at many symposia and conventions and is generous in his mention of the Society and of our nature and objectives. The Electrotherapy Museum is a significant resource for Society members and others who are fascinated by the technological vision of Nikola Tesla.

The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum (2809 NE 15th Street, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062) collection includes a great number of original electrotherapy machines, components and equipment and reproductions built by Jeff to Tesla specifications and to manufacturing technologies available a hundred years ago.

Jeff’s approach to Tesla-type medical applications is a serious one and his concentration is on the equipment rather than the claimed efficacy of treatment. Previously, the rampant quackery of medical practitioners of Tesla’s time obscured the several areas of true benefit.

I invite everyone to access the Electrotherapy Museum’s online 1,000 Megabyte site of over 30,000 files (www.electrotherapymuseum.com). Jeff also offers an offline Museum of seven or more CD-ROMs.

The Society will expand its website content of Electrotherapy Museum equipment to show examples of an era when medical innovators (and often medical charlatans) became enamored with the possibilities of electricity.

William H. Terbo
Executive Secretary


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