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John Wagner Honored at Annual Telluride Tech Festival

Society Executive Board member Mr. John W. Wagner was one of five honored at the Third Annual Telluride Tech Festival held in August in Telluride, Colorado. The Festivals are organized to celebrate the past, present and future of technology. Mr. Wagner was recognized for his efforts of 20 years in creating a program that awards bronze busts of Tesla to leading American Universities. By ensuring that the busts be placed in important and appropriate University locations, they serve as a permanent memorial and a constant reminder of Tesla’s eminence in electrical science. Honored with Mr. Wagner were: Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel laureate who identified the Quark; Vinton Cerf, Internet pioneer; Tim Berners-Lee, originator of the World Wide Web; and Alan Kay, computer pioneer.

Nikola Tesla was among those honored at the First Telluride Tech Festival in 2000. One of the first commercial applications of Tesla technology was the 1891 construction of a conveniently located AC power plant supplying electric power by wire to an area gold and silver mine too remote for DC power. Availability of on site electric power transformed the efficiency of early Colorado mining. Tesla grandnephew William Terbo represented the family and the Society and spoke at the 2000 event.