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Trip to Sydney Australia, August 29 through September 8, 2002

Society Executive Secretary, William Terbo, was invited as a guest and to speak at the St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Church 6th Annual Ball held on Saturday, August 31st in the Ball Room of the Australian Technology Park, Sydney Australia. Commemorating Nikola Tesla was the theme of the Ball and Mr. Terbo, as one of the two remaining closest living relatives of Nikola Tesla, was the featured speaker. While Nikola Tesla holds a place of high honor among all elements of world scientific, academic and cultural societies, his Serbian ethnicity earns him the highest esteem among world Serbs.

Over 250 attended the Ball. The Parish Priest, Fr. Miodrag Perich, and the President of the Parish Board, Mr. Petar Kozlina, also made brief remarks. Musical entertainment, traditional dancing, dinner and dancing completed the Program. Mr. Terbo greeted as many of the guests individually as time would allow during the Ball. Many additional contacts were made at subsequent meetings and dinners. This provided the opportunity to see a bit of Sydney and meet the Australian people.

Mr. Terbo and the Tesla Memorial Society thank the hosts for their most excellent friendship and hospitality.

The Society presented complimentary copies of the new biography Tesla: Master of Lightning and two of the Society’s most popular videos (PAL format, the European and Australian video standard) as well as several other Society items for distribution and to be used in the Church Library.

Mr. Terbo acquired several video items in Sydney including a copy of the 1992 Yugoslav network TV program (PAL format, Serbian language) commemorating the centenary of Tesla’s 1892 visit to Belgrade. Also received were a Tesla CD produced by the Church and the Diocese for distribution at the Ball and a very interesting new (1999) British Tesla biography The Man Who Invented The Twentieth Century by Robert Lomas.

Mr. Terbo gave interviews to local and Australian media. Preliminary planning has begun on a cooperative arrangement between the Society and interested Australians to form an associated Chapter of the Tesla Memorial Society serving Australia and New Zealand.

On Sunday, September 8th, Mr. Terbo departed Sydney and continued to Belgrade.