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In Memoriam: Daniel M. Dumych

The Society regrets to announce the premature passing of Honorary Director Daniel Dumych, Tesla biographer and Niagara Falls tourism activist. Using the advantage of living and working in the Niagara Falls area, his research uncovered many new, or previously overlooked, facets of the history of the harnessing of the power of the Falls. The revolution of the introduction of alternating current power created by Nikola Tesla and promoted by George Westinghouse was a basic focus of his several authoritative published works. Mr. Dumych produced Nikola Tesla – The inventor who changed the world published by the Niagara Falls Convention & Visitors Bureau. He also wrote Nikola Tesla and The Development of Electrical Power at Niagara Falls as a part of the Educational Curriculum Kit distributed to all High Schools in Western New York by the Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation and the New York Power Authority in recognition of the “Century of Electrical Energy, November 15, 1996.” The Society expresses our most sincere condolences to his mother, Ann.