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Czech Ministry of Education To Produce Video Program On Nikola Tesla

The Czech Republic Ministry of Education has arranged to produce a short video on the life of the famous inventor, Nikola Tesla. The video is to be shown to Czech students at the High School level to familiarize them on the accomplishments of this giant of electrical science who received a substantial part of his higher education in Prague. Just as in the United States, the Ministry had become aware that very few young students knew of Tesla’s fundamental contributions to modern society through his seminal work on electricity and radio.

A crew from Fontis TV Production, Prague, arrived in the United States in early May 2002, to produce segments for the video. Travel details and visit arrangements were coordinated by the Society. Their schedule included location work in Manhattan, Scotch Plains and Niagara Falls (New York and Ontario, Canada).

Society Executive Secretary William Terbo guided the Fontis crew in Manhattan and provided on-camera descriptions of the Tesla sites. Visited were:

The Fontis crew conducted an on-camera interview with William Terbo, grandnephew of Nikola Tesla, at his home (and Society headquarters) in Scotch Plains, New Jersey (New York City Metropolitan Area). They also reviewed memorabilia, documents and photographs from the Society and Terbo personal collections.

Society Executive Board member Mr. Dan Mrkich guided the Fontis group at Niagara Falls and provided detail background of the sites. Visited were:

The Fotis crew is scheduled to visit the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade in September to conclude segments on the Czech Republic Ministry of Education video.

By mutual understanding, Fotis TV Productions is to provide several items including appropriate video end credits as specified by the Society and to provide two copies of the completed video (in North American VHS format) for Society archival use.